Monday August 8th, 2011

The exercise:

Write about: the bear.

Because we saw one on the way home yesterday. Not sure when, but it was somewhere between 9:15 am (when we left Dawson Creek) and 2:30 am (when we arrived in Osoyoos). Hurray for trips that take over 17 hours.

I've got nothing else for you today, I'm rather tired still.


He wanders through the woods,
Broken twigs in his hair,
Checking berry bushes
With no worries or cares.
His path goes unchallenged,
For he is known as Bear.

He's not one for talking,
This big old grizzly dude;
Connecting with nature -
In wondrous solitude -
It's all he's really done
Since the divorce came through.


Greg said...

Cool, I hope that the bear was a safe distance away! They're definitely an animal I don't want to get very close to.
Seventeen hours is a long trip – were you driving all the way or did you and Kat take turns?
Heh, the last line turns your poem neatly on its head, it's great!

The Bear
Isabella Bonfontaine brushed her hair back from her face. One side smiled, the other side, paralysed a few years ago by a stroke, looked grim. Overall, the effect was of two different people looking at you, and she knew exactly how unnerving it was.
"I need some help with this map," she said, even though there was no map to be seen. "There are symbols on it that I don't understand."
Opposite her, the seven-year-old boy who called himself the Bear looked at her through the long lashes of half-closed eyes. His face was muddy, but the mud had been drawn out in lines to emphasize his cheekbones. Isabella thought it just made him look malnourished.
"It's a map," he said, his voice curiously deep. "Just go there, you'll be able to work the symbols out soon enough."
Isabella smiled her half-smile again, pleased to see the Bear squirm a little. "That's the problem," she said. "The places the map shows might very well be places I don't want to visit. Hence why I need to understand the symbols."
The Bear shrugged, and his t-shirt, threadbare and two sizes too large for him, slipped off one shoulder.
"I can't see a map," he said. "And why would I know what the symbols mean anyway."
"Because," said Isabella as she drew a thin leather case from inside her sleeve, "you've spent an awful lot of time there. Bear is short for Teddy-bear, isn't it?"
He leapt up like a watch-spring releasing, a sudden blur of movement almost too fast for the eye to follow. His feet barely seemed to touch the ground, kicking off and propelling him towards the door, then changing abruptly, gaining purchase somehow on the wall and running around the room to the window. Hands on the window-sill, he pulled himself through and out into the outside air.
The soft grunt and the sound of air hissing out of someone's lungs followed, and Isabella waited. The Bear clearly hadn't been expecting her to have help.

LittleBro 5/6 said...

I was waching the great and mighty grizzly bear through a hole in the bush begging that he won't find me. I then hear a loud groul and he runs of into the distance I try to follow him but he was to fast, so I decided to wait in his cave until he comes back. I'm doing all this for the discovery channel. I felt stupid. I hope I come out alive. Then I feel the vibration of the footsteps. I felt water on my head I look up there stading right behind me was the giant grizzly and he looked hungry.

morganna said...

Brown soft fur
Eager to care for cubs
Along the road
Really a good mama.

I haven't forgotten about you here! We went on vacation to see my parents.

Mrs Knight said...

Little Bro, your Bear story is intriguing. Well Done!

Azza said...

Little Bro that was a clever and unique story.Awsome

Papple said...

I'm in a bush sleeping my shirt torn, blood dripping everywhere, I was in contact with a bear. I hope he will not find me. ROAR. He's home. He can probably see all of my blood, what is that bear doing. Sitting on a couch, watching television, while drinking coffee. He's probably waiting for me to die.

mad man5/6! said...

He is big and brown, you can hear his footsteps from a mile away. He walks through the forest looking for something to eat, let's just hope he's not looking for meat!

WolfRider5/6 said...

I like bears,
But I don't like pears,
I'd rather be mauled by bear in my ute,
Than eat that disgusting fruit,
I'm not lying when I say,
My mom bought some pears yesterday.
I hate PEARS. They're squishy & squashy, they taste elk

crazygirl106 said...

There I see it,
I greatly fear it,
With it's skin peircing teeth.
Strong and wholsome,
always lonsome,
With a radient look upon his face.
His coat is really hairy,
His look is really scary,
Shadow in the night.
He brings very much fright,
He finds his food each night,
All up I fear him the great Grizley Bear.

Ruby said...

As he brakes all the branches
It makes me very scared
As he glared over at me
His face told me you wouldn't dare!
I coouldn't bare to stare at that hidious bear anymore
I really don't care I, JUST WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE.

Denin said...

17 hours?! That's it? Jk, that's pretty far, I feel your pain. I've had four 17 hour days in the past 9days. I live in south eastern Washington state, and northern Saskatchewan is frickin' far!


Teddy bear crying,
left to eternal roadside
sponging and decay.

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