Tuesday August 30th, 2011

The exercise:

This week's Two Haiku Tuesday would like you to play pretend - gimme a couple of haiku, as written by James Bond.

Don't ask me where that came from, because I have noooo idea.


How inglorious,
I'm stuck waiting for the bus -
bloody budget cuts.

*     *     *

An exciting life,
filled with guns, girls, and fast cars,
still leaves me lonely.


Greg said...

I like your first haiku best today I think; I like the idea of James Bond waiting for the bus! And the rhyme in there is quite attractive too.

James Bond
"Call me Saturday,"
Said his evil assistant.
I shot her also.


A mix-up of names,
I confused Q and M, and
now no-one's paying.

Jackerbie said...

"Name is Bond, James Bond,"
Never thought to give a fake,
So much for secrets.

Q's Aston Martin
Rather poor at blending in
Next time a Prius

Denin said...

A turn of events
Shifting momentum? Salvation.
Die another day.


Shady stone caverns
and towers that dwell with birds.
I am my office.

Marc said...

Greg - ha, the rhyme was quite unintentional (for once).

I'm not entirely sure why, but I really like your first haiku. I reckon it has to do with the final line.

Jack - love your first one, as that's something I've always been curious about.

Denin - the movie title in your first one makes it my favorite; that was very nicely done.

modelhorsemad said...

Okay, not that fimiliar with James Bond, so I did one on a wild horse:

Wild Horse
Why did I do it,
I'm now tied to the corral,
I never ment harm


I'm can prove to you,
I'm not a vicious wild horse,
Just give me a chance