Saturday August 6th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the ceremony.

We're attending Kat's brother's wedding today, so this is a scheduled post.


The guests sit waiting,
Watching the nervous groom;
Only the ten-time divorcee
Mutters warnings of doom.


Greg said...

Hope it's a lovely day for the wedding! I love the ten-time divorcée, there's a woman who keeps on trying no matter what!

The ceremony
To get a green card
Won't be all that hard;
All I need's a ceremony
And a wife that's phoney!

modelhorsemad said...

As the bride walked down the isle,
You may see her huge smile,
Of a woman being crowned a wife,
Just the beginning of a new life

@Greg: That's awsome! Love it.

Rapdor 5/6 said...

Nice poems 'greg' and 'modlehorsemad'!
Loved them, they're really cool!

Ruby said...

Whenever my wedding anniversary approaches, I think back to my wedding ceremony and then when I think everything is all right, memories of my husband haunt me and I start to cry. He died just nine days after our wedding, all because his parachute got stuck when we went sky diving in Fiji.

Rockerpheonix5/6 said...

Here comes the bride,
I swell up in pride,
All dressed in white,
Her gown shimmering in the light.
(this was inspired by my cousins wedding last year)

Rapdor 5/6 said...

Hi everybody

Here is my poem.

I walk the ruby red carpet
down the gleaming shining hall.
It's my graduation,
and I honestly don't care at all

Well there it is and hope you like it.

WolfRider5/6 said...

Wow Rapdor5/6 that was awesome I probably wouldn,t be able to come with something as cool as that