Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: addiction.

Saw my parents off this morning and then got to weeding. I'm not sure where all those damned weeds came from, I could have sworn they weren't there the last time I looked.

This afternoon I went up to have a look at the place Kat and I will be housesitting the weekend following her brother's weekend. And to get instructions on how to take care of the three horses (they're Norwegian Fjord Horses). And when I say 'up', I mean way, way up. The view is friggin' spectacular.

Oh yes, there will be pictures.


I just need one more,
then I will be satisfied.
Well, maybe one more.

*     *     *

They tell me to stop,
to make the right decision -
as though it's a choice.


avartorman5/6 said...

when will I stop you say,
I can stop now just let
me have one more than I'll stop

# # # #

I am in charge "or am I?"
its my decision "or is it?"
I have stopped "or have I?"

Ruby said...

avartorman5/6- you are really good how do you come up with great ideas
i love your last three lines.


They can't tell me to stop
It is my decision
I will lead my own life

* * *

It is my addiction, i can't
let it go, it is my life
It is my addiction

avartorman5/6 said...

thanks ruby :) :) :) :) :)

avartorman5/6 said...

at ruby
I like your writing it really caches that something else

Greg said...

@Avatorman5/6 and Ruby: I think I like your first haiku best in both cases.

@Marc: Housesitting and horsesitting? That sounds like quite a job actually! And who's going to weed your garden while you're chasing horses and trying to get them to obey you? ;-)
I think I like your second haiku better today, there's a real sense of addiction hiding in there.

Shaking and sweating,
Heart pounding and pulse racing,
Craving just a taste.


When even the soap
Reminds me of your presence
Am I addicted?

Kim said...

I have poem in this topic :D:
Addiction is bad,
Makes people sad,
Makes people go mad,
Only one I had,
When I stopped I was glad.
Hope you like this poem. :):D

Denin said...

I can't forget you
Perfect face and joyful words
Haunt me every day

The groove snatches me
and swipes my feet, makes me dance
Can't stop listening


I am once again departing on vacation, this time for a little over a week. Heading up to Saskatchewan to go fishing with my dad and grandfather!

Aaron said...

Take my pleasure pain
Because though it hurts me so
It hurts me so good

Can't seem to never
It's impossible to once
My name is Addict

Marc said...

Avartorman - I like your second poem best, nicely done.

Ruby - your first poem is particularly effective, and I like the way it pairs up with your second one.

Greg - it'll mostly be our time off that we'll be up there (Saturday after the market and Sunday), so the garden is used to being ignored during those times :)

Excellent first haiku, and your second one made me smile... and think. I reckon if it's scented soap... well, it would depend on the situation, I suppose.

Kim - that's very nicely done with that rhyme scheme, I'm impressed!

Denin - I can definitely relate to that second haiku. Have a great trip, it sounds pretty sweet :)

Aaron - two great haiku! I like them both equally, I think. Though I do really enjoy the personification in the second one...