Saturday August 20th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the carnival.

Had a pretty solid market this morning, selling out of most of what we brought. Looking forward to our day off tomorrow.


Stuck atop the Ferris wheel,
I try to enjoy the view;
But my heart keeps telling me,
It would be better with you.


Anonymous said...

Round and round the cha-cha,
people on it say ha-ha.
I shouldn't have gone near it,
so I just say la-la.

Greg said...

@Papple: I like the rhythm of your poem, though I can't actually guess what carnival ride the cha-cha is!

@Marc: Glad you sold almost everything -- that must have been quite satisfying when you came to pack up :)
Heh, the top of the Ferris wheel isn't the worst place to get stuck I suppose, but I hope it's a good view!

The Carnival
The carnival died in the forties,
But still the show goes on,
The rides run every night,
Though even the ghosts are gone.

Pandy Fackler said...

Dust rising,
We carry on,
Our gypsy carnival,
Of lost souls found.

Anonymous said...

@Greg- the cha-cha is a ride that goes round and round that has carts on it that turn aswell and when it turns your stomach sometimes lurches. I like that feeling.

Mysteries Master 5/6 said...

This is so much fun
We're on the big bun
It looks yummy
Will it fit in my tummy

Marc said...

Papple - that is a fun poem to read out loud :D

Greg - the less stuff we bring home, the happier I tend to be :)

Great final line.

Pandy - beautiful imagery. You really put a picture into my mind.

Mysteries - like Papple's, that's a great poem to read out :)

Anonymous said...

My poem is more like a tongue twister

Ruby said...

What ride should I go on first?
Maybe the Ferris Wheel or the
Nooooo, I will go on the Bat Wing!
Up I go flying into the air, it is like a dream but scary.