Tuesday August 23rd, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku dealing with one or both of: dirtiness / cleanliness.

Today was a day of weeding, which was good. Back to harvesting tomorrow morning, as the restaurant has placed a very large order this week. We probably won't be able to fill it completely, but we ought to be close.

And yes, my first one is based on something that happened this evening.


Weeding on all fours.
Stands up for a rest, becomes
Known as The Black Knees

*     *     *

Sterile surfaces
Cover each inch of my house,
But it's not a home


Greg said...

It sounds like you might yet have to expand your planting for next year with all these sales and large orders coming in! How does the job title of 'farmer' suit you then?
I like your first haiku for the amusement value, and the second one for its last line.

We disinfect you
When you come through the front door.
You don't visit much.


Just a little dirt
How could it hurt? The doctor
Says I got lockjaw

Nicole Pyles said...

Hello there!

I just wanted to hop over and let you know that I gave you an award! Check out today's blog post on how to accept it! :)

Happy blogging!

Maddy said...

Cigarettes light up
The cards are dealt, the start
Of his sinful night
At church on Sunday
Peace in every day and night
She will sleep happy

Brittany said...

My life as a library page:

Book by book the dirt
and grime accumulates on
my poor finger tips.

Running to the sink
I scrub and scour the scum.
The water turns black.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm a farmer and proud of it :)

And no expanding the damned garden - it's barely manageable for the two of us at its current size!

Love your first haiku :)

Nicole - thank you very much!

Maddy - great takes on the prompt. I particularly liked your first one.

Brittany - very nicely done, you used some great imagery in both of your haiku.

Ruby said...

I clean it everyday but I can't touch it, I don't know why. Maybe my hands are to dirty?

# # #

Nevertheless, she is a clean fanatic herself but the thing is I don't know what it is.