Wednesday August 24th, 2011

The exercise:

Let's see what we can do with: demands.

We managed to fill most of the restaurant order this morning, only falling short (for the second consecutive week) with the cherry tomatoes. But we more than made up for that with all the blackberries we got them.

I always wonder if they regret asking for 'all' of our available berries when we show up with so many...


"Do the kidnappers have any demands?" The chief of police didn't look up from the paperwork on his desk when he asked the question, as though he were barely interested in the answer.

"Well... yes, they've provided us with a short list of things they'd like in exchange for the Hamilton family," his second-in-command replied with a slight grimace.


"They, uh... they want extra sprinkles on their donuts for dessert, which they insist on eating in front of the TV, and to stay up past nine o'clock tonight."


Maddy said...

"You pay the tip, you pay for everything. And by the way, this ring is a piece of crap. Do you really think I don't know the difference between diamond and topaz? You meant it to be topaz? You really think I'm that cheap? I don't care if it was $1,000, I need the good stones.
Now tomorrow I need a new bag, this one is so last week, so while were there you can make up for your mistake and get me a new car, among other things. Play your cards right and you just might have me tomorrow night. As well..."
It doesn't matter how short her skirt is; her relationships end fast. The question is if she'll realize this before she'll die alone.

Marc said...

Maddy - it does seem as though people like your character are always blaming others and refusing to look at themselves, doesn't it?

Very well conveyed :)

Greg said...

Sorry I'm late! It's been quite a busy week at work; glad we have a bank holiday on Monday.

I reckon the restaurant won't have any trouble selling or using berries; there's a lot of things you can do with them that'll ensure they keep for a couple of days, and that's before you get to freezing them :)
Heh, I wondered why the kidnappers had taken an entire family until I got the last line, and then I just laughed!

"If you expectorate me to continuate working with you," said the Green Lightbulb prissily, his lips pursing between words, "then I have a podium of demands that must be met."
"No," said Sylvestra, not looking up from her account books.
"Come now," said Dr. Septopus wondering when he'd become a peacemaker, "let's at least hear what Green has to say. In English, preferably."
"No," said Sylvestra again. "Never yield to the demands of bullies, it leads to tyranny."
"...isn't that what we want?" said Dr. Septopus, his six eyes bulging more than normal.
"Not with Green in charge," said Sylvestra. "We'd be a laughing-stock if the country was in the grip of the Lightbulb Tyranny."
"Well, we could at least hear him out."
"No. If you expect me to continue workationing, then you'll have to meet my demand that we don't hear the Green Lightbulb's demands."
"Workationing? I think Green might just be contagious...."
"No," said Sylvestra, finally looking up. "It's a portmanteau of work and vacation; it means to work while on holiday."
"My demands?" said Green, now sounding plaintive.
"What she said," said Dr. Septopus, glumly wondering if it was too late to form a new Council of Nastiness.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, I hope things settle down for you soon!

I love the way the dialogue flows in this one. And that 'What she said' was the perfect concluding statement :D

Ruby said...

Do this, do that, polish my shoes and get me a coffee.
Ahh, the demands of working in a palace. We can't couch, slurp, we have to eat our stake with a knife and fork (I have seen Prince Jacks Worth use his hands ounce).
You know one day I might retire and tell them what to do.