Monday August 1st, 2011

The exercise:

Welcome to August (already?). Let us write about something which takes place in: the grocery store.

Because one of our favorite parts of having visitors is telling them to go grocery shopping in the garden before they leave. My parents will get to enjoy that honor tomorrow morning before they head for home - just shy of two months after they left.

My mom helped me pick green beans for our local orders this morning. That was pretty fun.


I was just minding my own business,
I swear it's true!
Why won't someone here please tell me,
What did I do?

They've kicked me out the grocery store,
Like a felon -
Just for admiring the produce girl's
Perfect melons.


Greg said...

Heh, grocery shopping in the garden sounds fantastic! I trust they never ignore the vegetables and fruit and try to leave with the hose, or the garden gnomes!
Your poem made me smile this morning which, considering I'm off to the gym in a little bit, is good going :)

The grocery store
Harman looked around the grocery store, his heart pounding in his chest. There was the display of cheeses, with the Gorgonzola that had distracted him. It had just been seconds, just looking at the silky textured, blue-veined, delicious cheese. Then to his left was a tower of cans of corned beef, and behind him was an aisle of dry biscuits.
But where the heck was his grandson?
He limped across the aisle, checking the next one. More bottled water than anyone could rightly believe, but no five-year old child with a chocolate-smeared mouth. He limped across to the next aisle, cursing his hips for keeping him so slow. This time, fridges full of yoghurts, butter, cream and milk. Still no so-ugly-he's-beautiful child.
"Can I help you, Sir?" The voice at his elbow startled him so much that his hip gave way completely. His leg wobbled, and, unable to keep his balance, he crumpled down to the floor, hands flung out to try to break his fall.
He heard his wrist break, but didn't feel it in the haze of pain coming up from his leg.
"Oh sh–" he heard, the words drowned out by the sound of feet running away.
He looked around; almost no-one in sight. But from here he could see the checkouts, and there, behind them and heading for the door, was his grandson.

Shakirra said...

i wrote some but i didnt like them so i deleted them(only 2)

Ruby said...

As we look through the grocery store, we try hard not to look suspicious but I don't think it worked. I feel as if we are being followed, my feeling is right; a police officer is following us. We make a run for it but the police surround us. We leave the grocery store sad and wondering why we did it but all crimes have to face justice.

Miss B said...

I went to the grocery store and this is what I saw... BOREDOM. Shelves and shevles oof boring old boredom. I just wanted to throw a trantrum and run around knocking everything off the shelves but I didn't. I wanted to take the bubblegum out of its packet chew it then spit it on the ground. People would get stuck in it that would make the shops funnier. Now I want to have fun, outside the shops there should be a passage for people that want their husbands or mums or wives to do the shopping while they have fun on a rollercoaster. So we need more fun at the shops!

Denin said...

Grocery stores.
Shopping centers.
They all mean the same thing.

I look down the aisles of the grocery store.
The walls are lined with products.

Hanging on a hook are candies and sweets.
On the shelves are drink mixes.


I don't even know what that was...

Kim said...

This an excellent topic:D.
Read this poem:
Shopping is fun,
I hope it can be done,
I want to do my shopping,
Now I really feel like hopping.
Hope you enjoy my poem. ;)

Marc said...

Greg - I've had to nail the garden gnomes down, but otherwise I haven't had much trouble with that :P

Great scene, with wonderful details.

Shakirra - it's all just practice :)

Feel free to share something you're not totally happy with and request feedback on how to improve it. Or just post it and wipe your hands of it, I've done that more than once!

Ruby - when you've done something wrong it's just so hard not to look like you have, isn't it? I think you captured that feeling nicely.

Miss B - I'm not a big fan of the grocery store either, so I rather like your idea :)

I see you've been very busy in the archives - I shall do my best to drop a quick reply on each of your comments.

LittleBro - I like your first line :)

Denin - me either, but maybe it was the start of something, rather than being complete by itself.

Kim - cute poem, thanks for sharing it with us :)

Kim said...

Your welcome:):D

Anonymous said...

Walk in, head hung low, eyes glued to the ground. Walk to the shelf, grab the jar, don't hesitate. Go to the register, place item on counter, avoid eye contact. Pay for item, leave store, stay unnoticed. That was the plan. But then I walk in, look around, and hesitate. Go to the wrong shelf, pace, and walk back. Grab the jar, go to register, fidget as I stand in line waiting. Give the cashier my item and she snickers. I want to say, " I just really like peanut butter, okay? Don't judge me." But instead I ignore her, and rush out the door. Yet another day goes by, living in fear of society's judgment.

LittleBro5/6 said...

Grocery stores are full of food like classrooms are full of students. Chips, fruit, vegies, my favourite..... lollies and much much more. Woolworths is the grocery store that I get my food from, even though I'm only there to see if they have any neat toys. If we need anything, we just add it to the list, but if we find anything we like it goes into the trolley and straight through the scanner. Then off we go, straight back home and unpack the grocerys, then the next week we do it all over again.

Marc said...

Anon - oh, nicely done. I can totally relate to that, though I'm much better these days.

I hate going to the grocery store for just a couple items that really don't go together, haha.

Miss N said...

The shops are very boring all you do is shop, unless it's toy shopping, then i'll shop till i drop. (if i'm allowed to that is!) :D

Miss B said...

Miss N - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA your funny I feel the same I like toy shopping more than grocery shopping!!! :)

Miss N said...


Miss Trouble Maker said...

Your so right. I hate grocerie shopping but adore TOY SHOPPING

Miss N 5/6 said...

I changed my name to Miss N 5/6!

RockerPheonix5/6 said...

Okay I'm going shopping this week