Thursday August 11th, 2011

The exercise:

Let us see what we can do with: the leak.

Got some good weeding done in the garden today before getting back to harvesting for the market tomorrow. Hoping we'll be able to find a few cobs of corn that are ready to come off the plants, and we'll have a boatload of nectarines to go with them.


Our circle has sprung a leak,
One of our bonds has grown weak;
Now outsiders know too much,
This stronghold sways at a touch.

So I must take up my gun -
A partnership I thought done.
But I accept with a shrug,
Because this leak must be plugged.


Mad Man5/6!!!!!! said...

The soccer team had a leak. Someone wasn't working together in a team to win the game. He was just walking down the field as if he were a slug, but when he got the ball he went like a rocket. He was stepping people on the left and stepping people on the right. All he felt was left out!!!

Mysteries Master 5/6 said...

the pipe creeks loudly
a mouse scuttles quickly across the floor
boom goes the pipe frietfuly
as the mouse gets lunged in the air and hits the door

Mysteries Master 5/6 said...

brillant story madman!

Greg said...

Mmmm, nectarines are delicious! Not particularly bothered by the corn though, I've never been very keen on it. Is it sweet corn or field corn?
Are you still tired by any chance? The rhythm of your poem is a little variable across pairs of lines :)
Oh, and check your email, I thought it was about time I sent you one!

The leak
It's only a slow leak,
The boat's not sinking yet,
But the sharks are all gathering,
And I don't want to get wet!

Anonymous said...

The Leak

"RIIPPP" goes the hose as watering the garden.
I say "oh my god, it should say pardon".
I walk upstairs I say to mum "I think we've got leak".
She says "That's ok, it's just because our hose is weak".

Watermark said...

The Leak

The neighbours were at it again. Drilling and digging into all forms of havoc upstairs. It wasn't that we hadn't noticed it before but this was a Sunday. At five in the morning. One word kept charging its way through my head: ludicrous.

We stood in the middle of our living room, dishevelled in our pyjamas, staring up at the ceiling and our heads filled with groggy similitudes of our rudely interrupted dreams. Tom had his arms folded across his chest in defiance. Every so often he would look down at his toes, ruffle his hair and furrow his eyebrows before bringing his arms across his chest again, just where they belonged. I just had my hands balancing precariously on my hips, waiting for the commotion to end. Occasionally, Tom and I would exchange looks of irritation, each waiting for the other to snap and do something about it. But we just stood there for ten whole minutes.

" Cannot.take.any.more.of.this.bloody.hammering."

Looking back, I never realised that I had that much pent up anger. I never even knew that I had the capacity or the strength to hammer away, continuously and without a moment's rest for half an hour, at the ceiling. I do wonder now what Tom had been doing all that time and we hadn't tried to restrain me. It was only when the dust had started to fall and part of the ceiling had given way did I notice Tom's arms grabbing hold of me. In an instant, I was brought back to that moment. I looked at the broom in my hand then up at the ceiling just when a trickle of water had started making its way towards the spot where I was standing.

"Well done, Laura. You've just hit the pipes."

"Oh don't you start! At least I got that lot to stop their midnight construction rampage!"

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMMMM Marc stop talking about food I've already commented today I just want to say I'm hungry and I L-O-V-E nectarines!

Denin said...

A single text message to mark the departure.
An empty space where he should stand.
His prescense in reality is replaced
by a mist of concern descending over my eyes.
I allowed him to escape
through a crack in my life.
The leak in existence remains unrepaired
until that day when he reverses the trend.


I return triumphantly from my trip! Well, almost. I'm in Penticton posting from my grandparent's home before the final drive home. Maybe I'll run into Marc... :P

modelhorsemad said...

They are great everyone.

@Marc: We are putting the last part of the fence up today. We had to cut up some of the trees along the side, so Dad's decided to turn it into a Vege patch. That will be the second one we have!
On the topic leak, our tap does have a leak, and most of us aren't turning it tight enough for it to stop dripping.

The Leak
"Eeeek!", I freak,
"This tap has a leak!",
"No" says Teek,
"You are just to weak."

madness5/6 said...

Our tap has sprung a leak
Nobody wants to speak
It was my mother
who called the plumber

It was 2 hours later
when along came the plumber
When the plumber fixed it
We did not speak of it

madness5/6 said...

I like your stories mystery master5/6 and mad man 5/6

madness5/6 said...

The Leak

"Dad, the taps got a leak. call the plumber quickly. So dad went to call the plumber.
It only took him ten minutes to get here. I showed him the leak but there was nothing there. I simply tricked him. I thout to myself, It couldn't get any better.

madness5/6 said...

To Marc

I really like corn and usually have it at mealtimes but sorry to nectarine lovers becuase I hate nectarines

Ruby said...

The leak broke us apart
It tore us in two
Spliting us every second
The leak of love