Thursday August 4th, 2011

The exercise:

The word for today shall be: bursting.

Explanation below.

I'm off tomorrow morning, to return either late Sunday or early Monday. I'll get to replying to your comments once I've settled back in. See you then!


For the three days we'll be away from the farm the forecast is calling for an average high of 33 degrees. So we've been trying to get everything very well watered before we take off, and as part of that attempt I went out to the garden late this afternoon to get a couple of lines going.

As I turned on the first line, a hose broke free of its clamp and started gushing water. I quickly turned it off, reattached the clamp as best I could, and very slowly turned it back on. It held, though I didn't really trust it - but the couple I mentioned yesterday were coming by shortly to pick up their order, so I had to get back to the house.

Unfortunately I had to wait almost an hour before they showed up, at which point I went back up to the garden to check on things.

Which was when I saw the lake the burst hose had made of the driveway. Sigh.

Shut it off, clamped the hose shut, turned the line back on again. The lake has mostly soaked into the ground already, but this was not a headache I needed today.


Greg said...

So... the drive's well-watered then? That does sound quite unfortunate, and definitely a headache when you're trying to pack up and get ready! I hope that there's no problems anything like that while you're horse-sitting!
Enjoy the weekend :)

"This new lecturer's keen," whispered Jared. His best-friend-at-university, Lissa, turned her head slightly to smile at him, and then went back to writing down notes.
The lecturer walked swiftly over to one side of the room, talking rapidly as he did so, paused there for a few seconds looking agonised, and then quick-marched back across to the other side of the room, still talking.
"Actually, he's too keen," whispered Lissa back. "I can't keep up!"
Jared had given up trying to take notes already; his handwriting speed was far too slow and the lecturer's staccato delivery made it hard to remember what he'd already said after he moved on.
"Do you think all of his lectures are going to be like this?" whispered Jared.
"I hope not–" whispered Lissa, and then broke off to stare. The lecturer's face had gone a funny pale colour, and he seemed to fold at the waist a little. Then, with a barely stifled scream, he ran out of the room, the door swinging violently behind him.
"No," she said, sitting back in her seat. "I think this lecture, he was just bursting to go."

Ruby said...

As I told Emma my secret, it didn't feel right. She promised that she wouldn't tell anybody and I was pretty sure she wouldn't...but would she? The next day I saw Emma whispering and giggling to Samantha (a girl in my class) and I immediately thought Oh no! I was bursting to confront Emma and ask her if she had told Samantha my secret but I couldn't. She would think I didn't trust and I did...didn't I? To make matters worse, Samantha yelled at the top of her voice, "Hey everyone, I've got a secret!" I thought my secret was going to be exposed and the whole world would know but Samantha surprised me and said, "I'm bursting to tell everyone that I'm going on a cruise and I can't hold it in any longer!" I couldn't believe what I just heard. My secret was safe after all and Emma hadn't broken my trust...or had she?

Miss B said...

My friends all laugh, " you can't come with us". " We're going without you". I was excluded. I was bursting with anger I wanted to punch her. But I didn't I was still mad but I did not let it take over.

Rapdor 5/6 said...
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Rapdor 5/6 said...

Miss B nie job.

i! would be angry as well.

Greg, thats great like it alot.

anyway seeya

modelhorsemad said...

I raced down the school driveway, out of the school. I was bursting to tell my parents!
As I had found out, I was now the school house captain! I needed to tell them and now.
I started to fizz up, like one of those soft drink bottles when you shake them.
As soon as I saw my mum, I started bursting out the news. For all I knew, I was to far away for her to here!

That's not a true one by the way. They are great everyone! I love them.

Rapdor 5/6 said...

Modelhorsemad that's great.

Sorry can't write, just stopping by.

Bye :):):):):):)

pinky said...

My brother is so annoying. 'You do this you do that.'thats everything he ever says.And then he tells me to give him a lolly and my mum agrees POP! I think I just burst my bubble.