Wednesday August 3rd, 2011

The exercise:

Today we write about: dedication.

Big harvest for the restaurant this morning, even with the raspberries being almost finished - only 3 pints to be found out there. Thankfully the blackberries are just getting started; I managed to find one pint for them and there are plenty more on their way.

Busy day tomorrow with lots of things to get done before I leave on Friday for Kat's brother's wedding in Dawson Creek. Including getting some posts scheduled to keep you guys busy while I'm gone!


We don't have a huge number of local customers ordering every week, but it's been reasonably steady. And we're really just getting into the time of year where we have enough veggies available to support more people. But we do have a few people that are really dedicated to supporting us and enjoying our produce.

One couple, for example, just came back from being away for two weeks. Despite this, they're only missing one week with us - they picked up a small order the day before they left, and they're picking up this week's order tomorrow (usually we do pickup/delivery on Mondays but we made an exception for them this week).

It's really very rewarding to have customers like that. And it helps to make all this friggin' weeding feel like it's actually worth it...


Greg said...

I always think it's a shame when the raspberries finish, even though there is still a couple of months of fruit (at least) to come. Somehow it's like they mark the ending of summer and the start of autumn.
I'd like to think that I lived all the way over there in Osoyoos I'd be a good customer too, but I suspect I'd want to have my own vegetable garden (and would probably moan a lot more about the weeding than you do!) Still, they do sound like great customers, just the kinds of people it's good to know exist.

Isabelle Bonfontaine slipped the knife – the Brinchev Kris – into its sheath at her waist and drew her jacket over it. She buttoned a single button at the waist, and casually looked around her. The plaza was full of tourists; people sitting on the edge of the Rimini fountain, people taking pictures and chimping at their digital cameras, gelato sellers at their tiny, refrigerated barrows smiling and sweating in the heat. No-one was watching her.
She pushed the church door open and stepped inside. The door was heavy, ancient wood and swung back behind her, closing with a thud. Light came in through high, stained-glass windows and pooled on the floor in many colours, and the heat of the day was kept out by the massive stone walls. She walked up the aisle to the altar, and then stopped.
She knelt, and, her head bowed as though in prayer, gently pushed the altar cloth back. The movement revealed a bronze plaque set into the floor of the church, immediately in front of the altar.
"This dedication," read the writing on it, "is to Giuseppe Cameriero, who will know what it means."

Crazycanine5/6 said...

I have a poem that i just made up :D:
I'm dedicated,
Dedicated to jam,
I love it,
I guess it's just who I am,
I don't know why,
I don't know how,
I really want it,
I really want it NOW.
Hope you enjoy:D

modelhorsemad said...

@Crazycanine5/6, that's great! Very creative.

Here's mine:

I don't know why,
I don't know how,
But I am dedicated now,

I took up the challenge,
Of taking a marathon,
For now I wish to finish

If I give up now,
I will feel down,
As I gave up in me

Dedication is the word,
Go with it,
Just spread the word!

That is just a quick one I made up.

LittleBro 5/6 said...

One of the meanings of dedication is you are commited to something. Well i'm dedicated to soccer. I just love it, you can say it is a part of me. I kick a ball every day.

modelhorsemad said...

@littlebro 5/6
So do I, I wouldn't be able to do what I do without dedication.

Ruby said...

I am dedicated
I am always there to help
I am never away
I always care
I even do extra things to help
Never have they ever considered saying 'thank you'
Although I am dedicated the one thank you would be nice

Ruby said...

Greg- you always come up with great writing
Crazycaine5/6- that was lovely
Modelhorsemad- fantastic
Littlebro - I can get were you are coming from fantastic

Crazycanine5/6 said...

those poems are awesome @modelhorsemad & @littelbro5/6

avartorman5/6 said...

dedication is what it takes to run a marathon dedication is what it takes to complete goals. But dedication is not what it takes to
give up

Miss N said...

My dedication is Irish Dancing. I don't do it right now because of my leg. I do workshops, competitions and practise but in the end i get very tired! :D

Isaac said...

avartorman5/6 very creative

Deadication that's all you need in life with courage,confidence and hope that's all you need to cope the years.

Ace said...

If I'm commited I'm dedicated just like I am in tennis. I always do my best and not give up or it would ruin my years of dedication.

Miss Trouble Maker said...

I'm dedicated to dance,
I'm dedicated to it.
'cause it lets me set free,
and it's good to let your inner self out.

Miss B said...

I'm dedicated... to this blog. I try to write everyday. It is fun. Writing is what I am dedicated to.
Imagining what you want, when you want to.

Bigbro5/6 said...


As I climbed the rock face.
I was having a race.
I was dedicating all my strength.
But my wall was longer in length.
But as I looked down I could see I was winning.
My head was spinning.
But it took all my strength.
To climb the wall longer in length.

Miss R said...

I'm dedicated to rythmic gymnastics. I do it every Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday.I do it 14 hours a week I'm dedicated! And I know that because I never give up!

RockerPheonix5/6 said...

Those are awesome poems
P.S. I have changed my user name again to rockerpheonix 5/6

Miss N said...

Wow 'miss R' thats cool! i love gymnastics too but my mum won't let me!

Rapdor 5/6 said...

Isaac....... great, loved your writing. Hope you like mine.

RockerPheonix5/6 said...

I dedicted to arts and craft I just can't live with out it I would DIE without arts and crafts

Marc said...

Greg - loved the way you set that scene.

Crazy canine - haha, that's great!

Model Horse Mad - a marathon definitely takes dedication to train for. Nicely done.

Little Bro - that's great :)

Ruby - very nicely conveyed, I can definitely hear the bitterness in that final line.

Avartor Man - exactly :)

Miss N - did you hurt your leg dancing, or was it something unrelated?

Isaac - well said :)

Ace - that's the best way to improve at anything :)

Miss Trouble Maker - love that final line.

Miss B - thank you for your dedication! Glad you're finding the blog worthwhile.

Big Bro - you painted a very vivid scene there, nicely done.

Miss R - wow, that is quite the time commitment. Sounds like a lot of fun though :)

Rocker Pheonix - thanks for sharing your dedication with us :)