Friday August 19th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the janitor.

Big harvest today for tomorrow's market. Fitting everything in the truck before we head off will be, as it often tends to be, quite the challenge. Here's hoping we don't bring much of it back!


He stared balefully at his blaring alarm clock, unmoving. Any other morning of the week and he would have already been in the shower, maybe even standing before his coffee maker. But not Mondays; he hated Mondays.

Who had the bright idea to start off each school week with Pizza Day, anyway?


Anonymous said...

The Janitor

He looked around unsure of what to do next. He didn't like his job, in fact he hated it. He never wanted to do it in the first place but his family needs the money. Some day soon he was going to quit. That day had come. He started throwing all of his rubbish on the floor. That's for the next janitor in line.

Greg said...

Good luck with the market today, Marc!
Pizza day sounds quite interesting, but can that be healthy for the kids?

The janitor
Perhaps, he thought ruefully, he shouldn't have watched both Hong Kong Fooey dvds last night. Then he wouldn't be stuck here, half in and half out of the middle drawer of the filing cabinet. What was Joan from accounts-payable going to say when she found him here on Monday morning?Then he felt the unwelcome slither of his karate belt sliding to the floor, meaning his pants were staying up by willpower alone.

Pandy Fackler said...

He is known only as The Janitor
If a job gets messy, you call him up
And soon, there was no job, no mess
No trace.

Marc said...

Papple - that sounds like a very satisfying way to quit :)

Greg - that last line caught me off guard and provided a big laugh :)

Pandy - love how sinister than could be... or how utterly innocent.

Ruby said...

I warn you never be a Janitor or be paid $50 a WEEK!
Never be a Janitor because you get back pains and your arms feel like jelly.
Never be a Janitor because everybody tells you what to do.
Also, never be a Janitor or I will be fired and I like my job!