Friday August 5th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose which take place on, in, or by: the lake.

Continuing to draw inspiration from yesterday's incident, it would seem.

I'm heading out early, so this is a scheduled post. See you when I get back.


The wind picked up as the afternoon dragged on, causing the boat to rock from side to side and the fish to continue to decline to bite. Stupid slimy little buggers. If I'd been allowed to bring my gun it would have been a different story.

But no, the field trip supervisors and teachers had been so bloody insistent.


modelhorsemad said...

I yawned as I waited still. It had been hours, sitting in a boat waiting for the fish to bite. Why hadn't they taken a bit yet? The boat rocked gently in the cool winter evening breeze.

Ruby said...

As the murderer runs of i lay in the lake, dead. Nobody evers sees me again except the fish and the occasional fish but i lay in the lake untouched.

Greg said...

@modelhorsemad: very bucolic and relaxing!

@ruby: bittersweet, I think :) There's a definite poignancy to what you've written there.

@marc: ah, but since this is a scheduled post, it wasn't really _yesterday's_ incident inspiring you, was it? ;-)
I'm pretty sure my school would never have allowed us a fishing fieldtrip: hooks, lines, rods and nets are all as bad as guns in the hands of enthusiastic schoolkids! Your protagonist should join Miss Snippet's class; she'd hand the guns out herself....

The lake
Vivian sighed with relief as she slipped the scuba-tanks from her shoulders. She peeled the wet-suit off carefully and hung it up to dry over the bath. Being the Lady of the Lake was a well-paid job, and she was handing out up to six Excalibors a day now, but it ruined her hair. She sank into her seat, turn the heat on full-blast and daydreamed of deserts and droughts.

modelhorsemad said...

@Ruby: I'm not the type for murdering but other than that, it's really well writen.

@Greg: Wow! That is amazing. Loads of details for just 4 lines.

Ruby said...

Thanks everybody all of you 4 lines were great

Rapdor 5/6 said...

I hated going fishing by the lake for a lot of reasons. First of all it's boring as. Second, you hardly ever get a bite so I don't really get the point of fishing there. The only season why I actually go is because my Dad believes in some cracked up old myth that when a relative of poseidon the sea god comes to fish here millions fish will float to the surface and make our starved village rich.
Well today I was just sitting there feeling bored and sorry for myself this young handsome man comes and asks if he can fish next to me. Suddenly I realized that the all the fishermen had left and it was only me and that man there.
So we continued fishing in sillence then I realized fish were bobbing up all over the place on the lake. The man looked me in the eye and I was sure they were swelling with water. I gaped and the man stared. I was sure this man
Was a relative of Poesiden and next thing I knew I was yelling 'I'M RICH!!!!!'

RockerPheonix5/6 said...

Ripples coursing the water,
Light winds making you shiver,
Fish swimming freely under you,
Watching them is all you can do,
I'm talking about the lake,
I wonder what magic this will make.

Ruby said...

Rocker5/6 that was great

runescape fan 5/6 said...

I'm testing my new invention, gliding across the water like glass. This invention is going to throw money at me. Soon I could be swimming in it. Just hope this does not fail or I'll just be back in my car divinmg bach home sad. Then Boom,Boom,Boom I'm sinking into doom, so I swim for my life. Now I'm on shore watching my invention sinking.

Anonymous said...

The Lake

"I got one,I got one! I don't got one," said the fishbrained fisherman. " You've never got one, John". Siad the stupid sailor. We felt the boat rock softly then violently the visciously. The next second the boat, carried by a fishing rod was being dragged around the blue lake. " I GOT ONE!" John was screaming. Finally the fishing rod slipped out of John's hands. "You got one, mate."

LittleBro 5/6 said...

The Lake
Boats are everywhere. They are all different sizes. I'm in one of the smallest boats on the lake. I'm getting really annoyed. This was ament to be a peacful fishing trip. The boats are scarring all the fish away. I've been here for hours, I acually starting to think I should go home but instead I start my engine and move to a more peacful spot on the lake. This is one of the best spots on the lake, it is really peacful. I stop for a moment and listen to all the creatures. The lake is beautiful. The lake is outstanding, this is the greatest fishung trips ever.

Heather said...

The waves lapped at my feet as I stood on the shore and stared at the distant lights. The cold water sent chills up my spine as it climbed over my knees and up my thigh. It welcomed the tears and heaving of my chest without judgement. Silently, gratefully, I gave it all space the world had neglected.

MISS MANGO said...

i saw a fish in the lake and then i fell in

Anonymous said...

MISS MANGO that was weird, but funny.