Monday April 17th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about: the initiation.

My thoughts have been preoccupied with my first day of work at the new job tomorrow. I'm feeling quite ready to get on with it at this point.

We had our photographer friend come over this afternoon to take some family photos in the apricot blossoms (which are now finally near full bloom). The weather did not care for this plan, but the rain didn't interfere too much until the very end.

At which point we ran for the house to dry off and warm up with some tea.

Hopefully he managed to get a few good shots somewhere in there. Will share some of the results once we get them.


You wish to join us?
Then you must know
What is required:
Blood must flow.

You worry about innocence?
Trust us: there's no such thing.
So just take the knife and
Go make somebody sing


Greg said...

I've been in Budapest all this week so I'm late to the prompts again. It's as busy as ever, with the days being full of things that need doing and probably needed doing sooner, but I should be catching up on these comments soon!
Good luck with the new job, though you don't need it and I know it's not been going too badly by reading ahead :) And the photoshoot sounds like a great idea, rain or not!
I like the faintly sinister tone of the first verse, and then how it gets worse in the second. Definitely an interesting club to be initiated into, and I hope the Cleanup Crew treated you exactly the way you describe it when you joined ;-)

The initiation
Sunlight slips away and rooms fall silent,
Shadows pool and cameras peer in vain
Into corridors that might be violent.
Security? The differently sane
Patrol the houses of this parliament
Before the sun illuminates again.

Initiation is a simple thing:
Spend eighteen hours at work each day this week.
Avoid the clutches of the gibbering,
And know to whom you are allowed to speak.
Print what must be printed, remembering
The auditors are lethal, mean and sleek.

[After poetry month I might return to this and tell a little more about it]

Marc said...

Greg - I really want to visit Budapest some day. I'm not jealous of your busyness, but I am jealous that you get to go there.

Ah yes, the photos. I should share one of those at some point, huh?

Um, I hope you do, or already have, return(ed) to this. Some really great lines in here, with I think perhaps the 'shadows pool' and 'Into corridors' pairing being my favorite.