Sunday April 9th, 2017

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with: hot air.

I haven't forgotten about the yearlong prompt, by the way. Expect this month's installment to arrive later this week. Promise.

Miles' birthday party was pretty fun. Too bad the wind forced us inside, as we weren't on the deck for very long. He enjoyed himself anyway, even though he certainly didn't understand what was going on.

He especially enjoyed the carrot cupcakes Kat made to celebrate the occasion.

I think we'll just stick to singing happy birthday on his actual birthday on Wednesday.

Edit: sigh, sleep. You are too powerful for me.


You talk real big
For such a little man.
I wonder if
You even have a plan
For when the day
Arrives that someone dares
To call your bluff,
Unfazed by your hot air.


Greg said...

I'm coming late to this, sadly, but I see that there's no year-long prompt for the week, so maybe putting it on a prompt day of "hot air" was an unlucky omen? The carrot cupcakes sound fantastic though! I'm going to try and find time to make a German-apple cake today, but time seems to be in increasingly short supply at the moment.
The jaunty rhythm in your poem kind of hides the upcoming challenge to the blusterer, which is quite nice. I think I had an idea where it would end up, but I read all your posts on here!

Hot air
Below: the countryside.
Above: the sky, clouds nearer than I'd dreamed
Lazily approaching and receding
Like wavelets at the land's edge.
Orville leans over the basket, almost
Overbalancing with enthusiasm.
"Not like powered flight, Wright?" he says, and
I pretend not to hear his terrible pun.
Not like powered flight at all, but
Gravity is nonetheless defeated for an hour.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, well, aren't we all coming to this late...

Anyway! That is a beautiful acrostic. Love the imagery and the inclusion of the Wright brothers. Really enjoyed this one. Wish I'd read it sooner.