Tuesday April 11th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: cleanliness.

I got to drop Max off at play school this morning. I was very impressed that I got out of there in under five minutes.

When I picked him up it sounded like he had a good time and he was in no rush to leave.


Had a bit of sunshine this afternoon, so I spent a good chunk of it out on the deck with the boys. Had to pull a couple slivers out of Miles' hand but he didn't seem too bothered by them.

Starting my final four day stretch (for now, at least) at the bakery tomorrow. Definitely some mixed feelings about that.


The boys are eating
barbeque chicken again?
Time to get the bleach!

*     *     *

I like a clean house.
No... let me share my secret:
I need a clean house.


Greg said...

Well done on being able to drop Max off with no fuss! It sounds ilke you might be getting him to feel happy with more independence.
I like your second haiku better today, if only because the first one nearly sounds like it was written by a serial killer.... :-P

Cleanliness is next
To Godliness only in
Short dictionaries.

When everything is
Sparklingly clean and pristine
No-one must live here

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, he's been really enjoying playschool. It's been great to see, and I'm happy for him as well :)

Hah! Well, I don't even remember writing these haiku, so your interpretation of the first is not out of the question :P

It is difficult for me to express how much your first one pleases me. That dictionary reference is spectacular, and you've managed to do it in haiku form. Well. Done. Sir.