Thursday April 13th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about something or someone that is: plodding.

Sold out of loaves fairly quickly today, but we were left with a fair number of hot cross buns and other treats at the end of the day. We're expecting to be 'sell out early' busy tomorrow though.

I spent the day training my replacement. Jen will be back tomorrow morning for a few hours, then she'll be there for my full shift on Saturday. Hopefully that's enough to get her ready for next week. I'll do my best to get her there anyway.

Soccer got cancelled today, as the field was too saturated with rain to be used. That was fine by me, both because I was feeling tired and not up to it, and also because Max has a cold and could use extra rest more than the exercise at the moment.


Is that molasses on the
Bottom of your shoe?
No? That's just how you move?
That's just how you do?
Any chance that you might
One day take flight?
You know, zoom like a bird?
Like a deer in a herd?
Just run, sprint, go, go, go?
Yeah... I didn't think so.


Greg said...

I hope the bakery was as busy as you predicted! And that your trainee is coming up to speed nice and quickly, though I can't recall you ever complaining much about the people you've trained up when you've done it before.
Hmm, so is the poem a reflection on yourself or some of the kids you're training at soccer practice? I guess the slow ones might make for good goalkeepers one day. Or goalposts if they're slow enough. Either way, the neat little pairing of lines and the jauntiness at odds with the slowness of the subject makes for a great little poem!

The same old thing,
It's a routine.

Day turns to night –
Nothing changes.
Here comes the dawn –
It's Groundhog Day.

Are you happy
When you don't do
Anything but
Repeat your life?

Marc said...

Greg - I... don't actually remember what this poem was about. Maybe a bakery customer? Probably.

Oof, that last stanza packs quite the punch! Fantastically constructed poem. Bravo, bravo, bravo.