Tuesday April 18th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: jitters.

That was a long day, but I felt like I learned a lot. Hopefully I will benefit from all that learning tomorrow and things will flow a little more smoothly and efficiently.

I won't share with you the grossest thing I saw today, but I will tell you that the second grossest thing I came across was the inside of the microwave at the office I was cleaning to close my shift.

It was like a food bomb went off in there. And was left to sit for at least a couple days. Probably while the microwave continued to be used to heat other food.



My suddenly thick
fingers can't do anything -
I know you're watching

*     *     *

I fumbled my keys,
I spilled my drink on your lap,
I... just dropped the ball.


Greg said...

You are always welcome to share the grossest thing you saw, especially if it helps you forget about it :) I've got some pretty good ideas of what you're likely to encounter anyway! The microwave food bomb doesn't sound too bad, thankfully -- at least a pair of thick rubber gloves and some bleach-based cleaner will deal with it all pretty quickly.
I think I like both haiku equally this week, and I like how they link together as well; a subtle showing of things from two perspectives. Good work!

They never told me
That nerves were a bad thing for
A nuclear – BOOM

First night: fine. Third night:
Sack him when he comes offstage
Jitters are for noobs.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, no, I think I'll just share the worst stuff with my co-worker on the job. I don't think this blog needs to turn into gross story time :P

Thanks for the kind words on mine!

Hah, your first one made me laugh. And your second has some serious bite to it! Very impressive work :)