Sunday April 23rd, 2017

The exercise:

Write about something that is: transient.

Fairly quiet day off today.

Much needed.


Our time together
Came and went;
It takes more time
To dry cement.
But still my thoughts
Return to you -
The way you laughed
And smelled like glue;
That dress you wore
Every day -
It once was white
But now is grey.
I remember it all,
Every last thing.
I miss you so bad,
Your loss still stings.
But I hope you're well,
Wherever you are,
And if you need me
Just check all the bars...


Greg said...

I hope all your days off are as relaxing :)
A definitely bittersweet poem today, with touches of humour that lighten the mood subtly but appropriately. I rather like the smell of glue and having to check all of the bars, but I also liked the undertone of pathos and the speed with which they white dress turned to grey (faster than the time it takes for cement to dry!) Great work!

Eighteen point two microseconds of emotion.
Just long enough to turn a transistor on,
Not enough to burn through a fuse.
A smile -- maybe -- cracks these robotic lips.

Uncontrolled surges
Of electricity.
Uncontrolled urges
without selectivity.

Diseased and unrepentent you stare wantonly,
Licking lips the colour of Dutch roses.
The arc-gap shortens, your breath quickens
The spark lasts an eternity of nine point four nanoseconds.

You are one hundred and sixty nine centimetres tall,
sixty-one centimetres around at your widest,
aroused and passionate as the sea under storms,
denumerable as the grains of sand of a beach.

Ninety seven femtoseconds
Is the longest I cared for

Marc said...

Greg - thank you!

Quite enjoyed this. That last stanza is lethal. But there are many great lines throughout. The first two stanzas are excellent too. Nicely done!

While I am glad to be almost caught up to May in the comments, I will be sad to see your poetry month come to an end. I hope it will be an annual tradition?

Maybe I'll join you next year...