Wednesday April 26th, 2017

The exercise:

Write some: field notes.

Other than getting caught in a pretty good downpour far from the truck, today was a good day. Managed to get to the office I had to clean at the end of my shift at a good time and then it went much quicker than last week.

Weather is supposed to be significantly better tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.


May 24th, 1:20 pm - Subject is still asleep. Fully grown adults in the habitat are growing agitated.

May 24th, 2:12 pm - Subject is finally awake. Adults resorted to pouring water on subject. Subject seems upset. Adults appear to be equally upset.

May 24th, 8:02 pm - Adults have dined and are preparing for bed. Subject is watching TV, has yet to eat. Communication between the subject and the adults has been brief and confrontational. Tension in habitat appears to be extremely high.

May 25th, 12:41 am - Adults have been sound asleep for quite some time now. Subject is wide awake and finally eating dinner, though his meal differs greatly from what the adults consumed. There do not appear to be any vegetables.

May 25th, 2:08 am - Subject still awake. Has yet to bathe. Or brush teeth. Or exercise. Does not currently appear to be doing anything productive. I'm going to bed.

May 25th, 10:00 am - Subject now asleep. Adults awake. I think I have observed subject long enough. This will be my final entry. I do not think that I wish to have a teenager of my own. Will sit down later today with my husband to discuss placing our eight year old daughter in foster care as soon as possible.


Greg said...

So the rain cleaned you up instead of you cleaning up for a period? ;-) I guess it's an occupational hazard though, but I hope it happens only rarely for you.
Well, that's a typical study I think :) My scientific soul insists that there's not enough data there for any serious conclusions, but my irrational side is in agreement. My economically-rational part though feels that the parents have failed to acquire a return on their investment if they choose foster care....

Field notes
Buttercups, meadowsweet:
distilled sunlight preserved amongst grass.
Dragonflies, ant's feet,
discarded picnic, broken glass,
pipe bomb rusting in a muddy puddle.

Yes, this is a field.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I suppose that's the way it went :P

Ah, you'd prefer a sale? I suppose that would be a better return on their investment. Perhaps the couple being observed would like a chance to start over...

Lots of great imagery in yours. That final line packs a big punch, but you've seemed to have developed that as a bit of a habit this month!