Saturday April 8th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the dance club.

Only had three loaves and a couple cinnamon buns and butter tarts left at end of day today. The morning was easily the busiest we've been in weeks, if not months. Quite the contrast from recent days.

Very much looking forward to Miles' birthday party tomorrow afternoon.


Music pounding, bodies moving
Very nearly in unison.
Overcrowding, headaches pounding,
Is anybody having fun?


Greg said...

Sounds like a good day overall! I hope the party is everything you're expecting :)
Hah, I remember thinking nightclubs were like that when I first went to them; nowadays I see them different :)

The dance club
She's calling it her dance club, but...
Hitting people with a stick
And yelling "Dance, monkey dance!"
Is too much Wicked Witch for me.

morganna said...

Come and dance
Leave all your
Undertakings and cares

Marc said...

Greg - hahaha, this is great. Love the picture you've painted in my head :)

Morganna - once again, impressing me with how few words you require to pull off well done acrostics. Bravo!