Tuesday April 4th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: work and play.

Max started playschool this morning (it's basically preschool under a different name). He's going to be there two mornings (Tuesday and Thursday) a week for the next three months, assuming all goes as planned.

From the sounds of it he did great. Kat had to stay for about an hour before she could escape but hopefully that will disappear as he gets more and more comfortable there. One of his former daycare teachers is one of the two teachers, so that should help.

Fingers crossed that he's come far enough since his stint with daycare that he'll continue to enjoy his time away from us, which would allow Kat to get some extra work done. Not to mention maybe make him some new friends.

Back to the bakery tomorrow. Hoping for a return to more normal busyness.


All work and no play
ages both body and soul
with withering speed

*     *     *

With gritted teeth and
sweat on his brow, he takes his
play seriously


morganna said...

When work is play, what
Do you do on the weekend?
I work more, of course.

Do you ever take
A break? Perhaps a hobby?
No, I'm a work-holic.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I think I like your first haiku better this week, as work being play is the ideal situation for us all of course. And I hope it's true for you!

@Marc: when does Max start attending school fully then? Is that in three months time, or is there another phase where he's at preschool for increasing days each week until school starts?
I like your second haiku better today because play should be taken seriously :) That and I think your first haiku only applies to certain sorts of work -- an office job really only ages your soul, and that's if it lets you keep it in the first place!

Work and Play
The problem became
The surgeon wanting to play
While he was at work.

A play in a play,
Inception on stage, is work
for all the actors.

Marc said...

Morganna - yes, your first haiku seems rather ideal to me as well. You've captured the idea quite neatly, too - well done!

Greg - summer break is in three months. September is when he'll be starting school, but we won't be enrolling him in kindergarten. There's a learning center that does a day and a half a week with kids who are being home schooled, so we'll be starting him with that.

I was all set to pick your first as my favorite, but then you referenced Inception in the second and now I can't decide. Let's just call it a tie, shall we?

Otherwise I'll *never* catch up on comments... :P