Saturday April 29th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: smoking in the boy's room.

Wow. I did not remember that video being that weird.

Anyway, wasn't the inspiration. No, that would be whoever has decided that the men's washroom at the main beach in Osoyoos is a lovely place for an evening smoke. And then leaves the cigarette butts in there.

As a bonus, two out of the last three mornings there have been butts in one of the urinals.

Below is my attempt to understand it. I am very glad my weekend has arrived.


Pee scented
And poo smeared,
He likes it for
The atmosphere


Greg said...

Perhaps the washroom is sheltered? Or they're smoking when they arrive and they figure the washroom gets cleaned regularly? But either way I can see that it wasn't what you were expecting :)
I like your take on the smoker's preferences though!

Smoking in the boys' room
The girls have drilled a peephole
And they've snapping pictures on their phones
'Cos Gareth's in the boys' room
Smokin' hot and naked to the bones.

[I moved the apostrophe in boy's because I think it's what you intended :)]