Saturday April 15th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: over and out.

Final day at the bakery was a good one. Definitely some last day of work sillies going on. I'm gonna miss those guys.

At opening things were summer busy and we ended up selling out of loaves and butter tarts pretty quickly. Cinnamon buns, baguettes, chocolate croissants, and focaccia soon followed. Ciabatta went eventually. But we were left with a lot of hot cross buns at end of day.

I know they made a lot to make sure we didn't sell out quickly, but it was still a bit disappointing to see so many go in the freezer at closing.

Otherwise, though, it was a pretty great way to leave things.


For far too long you've been crude,
Rude, an unrepentant lout.
But now enough is enough -
This is over, and I'm out.


Greg said...

I think perhaps the way to look at the left-over hot cross buns is that they can be used to make bread-pudding as well, so even if they don't sell immediately they can still be turned into something else salable :) It does sound like an excellent last day though!
Hah, while I very much enjoy your poem today I'm sure it doesn't reflect the bakery at all! Still, it makes me smile first thing in the morning, and that's a good thing.

Over and out
I need a prison break from the rooms in my head,
Invisible walls of thought that are stagnant and dead.
I need some mental climbing gear, a way to dodge self-doubt,
I'll run and leap and scramble -- then it's over and out!

Marc said...

Greg - ooh, that sounds yummy. I hope they did that.

Yeah, definitely nothing to do with the bakery. But I enjoyed writing it :)

That's a fantastic poem. I love that opening line, and the three that follow do it great justice. Lovely work!