Thursday April 27th, 2017

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with: the sandbox.

Today went well, though it was not as warm as last night's forecast told me it would be.

The public washroom at the main beach in town apparently becomes a bit of a gong show during the busy season. I guess it's getting started already, as I found a can of Budweiser in one of the women's stalls this morning.

And there was still a bit of beer left in it.

I... don't know.


"Okay, we've got the castle tower built... what else do we need?"

"A moat!"

"Oh, good idea! Here we go... a nice, deep path all the way around the tower."

"Now we fill it with water!"

"Yeah, it's almost bed time. Maybe we can do that next time or tomorrow or..."

"What else can we do then?"

"Here, I'll put a bridge across the moat."

"No. No no no no! Castles don't need moats, Dada!"

"Sure they do. How else do people get in and out of the castle?"

"They just jump. See? Like this."

At which point Max demonstrates by using his fingers to jump from the top of the castle to the far side of the moat. I was not convinced that this was a reasonable exit route.


Greg said...

It sounds like Max is going to need a couple of engineering courses then, before you let him build castles for real. If only to truly grasp the notion of scale. Or, and I say this with approval, to reinforce people so that they can use his buildings and other constructions more than once :)

The sandbox
When I crossed the desert I collected sand,
Poured it in this sandbox on my return.
I stir the golden grains with aching hands,
Remembering the desert sunlight's burn.

It's a metaphor for exploration!
There's no desert, it was just your soul.

So tell me where this sand appeared from,
What happened to the memories it stole?

Marc said...

Greg - haha, yes. Plus he'll need some additional courses if he wishes to also become a dinosaur, as he has previously stated.

Love your opening stanza. Am intrigued by your second. Would enjoy, I think, seeing more of this.