Sunday April 30th, 2017

The exercise:

Write about things that are: seen around town.

Thought I'd share some pictures I took at work so far.

No, not the gross bathroom stuff. The outdoor, make the job worth it, pictures. I have yet to take any indoor shots and I'm hoping that I will not be inspired to do so at any point.

Got out to the garden with the family to get some planting and seeding done this morning. Transplanted broccoli and onions, seeded carrots, beets, radishes, spinach, and kale. Hadn't been out there in a while and it felt good, even with the excessive wind blowing.


This one I took while walking Pioneer Walkway on my second day on the job, collecting litter as I went:

I sent it to Kat with a text along the lines of 'There are definitely worse jobs in the world'. It's looking west, across the southern end of Lake Osoyoos.

Here's an early morning view from Cottonwood Beach:

We're looking north toward Oliver in that one. I think I took that on Thursday this week, as I was doing my rounds unlocking all of the public washrooms.

And finally, here's where I took my coffee break on Saturday:

That's looking east across the northern end of Lake Osoyoos. It was an especially enjoyable break as during the week everybody goes back to the yard for coffee and lunch and the break room there is nothing to write home about (though there are plans in the works to renovate the building at some point this year).

So yeah, not a bad gig so far.


Greg said...

The pictures are pretty great! I like the last one especially as that seems like a great place for a coffee break -- does your coffee cup have "Canada" written on it, btw?

Last poem for the month (though technically it's the 2nd May here, so maybe I could have put this as prose...]

Seen around town
Dressed to the nines in fur and sequins,
She's often seen around town.
She seems to shine from the inside out,
She's a girl of some renown.

Marc said...

Greg - it does have Canada on it. We're celebrating our 150th anniversary this summer, and various businesses are getting in on it.

And hurray! You did go all the way to the end of the April prompts with your poetry!

And hurray! Caught up to the start of May!

I'd imagine she'd be rather hard to *not* see around town, dressed like that!